Tuesday, 21 March, 2017
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Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) is trying to move on with her life. After wrestling with her heart, she has broken free from her intense relationship with the dark, mysterious and challenging Christian Grey (Jamie Doran). She’s made up her mind it’s time to look out for herself.But for some men, what they can’t have can quickly become what they want the most…Christian is desperate to prove to Ana that he can be the man she needs: an honest, true and equal partner. And so he sets out on a mission to win her back even if it means giving up the things that have come to define him.However, as the two lovers begin to finally find their feet in a passionate but healthy relationship, some of the characters from Christian’s past begin to creep back into his life, threatening to expose an army of skeletons that have been growing restless in his closet.Adults: £6Running Time: 115 minsRating: 18Sunday 19 March: 7.30pmMonday 20 March: 2.30pmTuesday 21 March: 7.30pm