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A group of British filmmakers aim to boost morale during the Blitz by making a patriotic movie based on The Miracle of Dunkirk.It’s World War II and it’s no secret that times are tough. When the Brits aren’t singing wartime tunes or rationing food out, they’re… making films?It’s the 1940s. Hitler is marching across Europe and the Allies are defending themselves on the frontline. But back home on the British Isles, life isn’t exactly what you’d call peachy. But you’ve just got to do what you can to stay positive.Never mind the Keep Calm and Carry on posters, a British film crew have a bigger and better method for keeping spirits up when the bombs are dropping overhead.And what could be more inspiring than The Miracle of Dunkirk, where legions of allied troops were evacuated against enormous odds, coupled with Churchill’s famed “We shall fight on the beaches” speech?Will their film about the Dunkirk evacuation spur on the British people in these glum times, and will the team even manage to finish their patriotic creation?Their Finest stars Gemma Arterton (The Girl with All the Gifts) in the lead role, and is supported by a host of famous faces including Bill Nighy (Dad's Army) and Richard E. Grant (The Iron Lady).Sunday 4 June: 2.30pmMonday 5 June: 7.30pmTuesday 6 June: 7.30pmAdults: £6 / Children: £5 / Friends of Whitby Pavilion: £5 / Family of 4: £20Running Time: 117 minsRating: 12a