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In the fading days of the Ottoman Empire, a young medical student finds himself wrapped up in a hopeless romance against the backdrop of a bitter war.When Michael (Oscar Isaac) leaves his fiancé behind in his small Armenian village to go study medicine in Constantinople, he enters a whole new world. Fascinated by the colour, culture and thrill of high society, he is quickly pulled away from his small-town roots into a whole new lifestyle.And then he falls in love.After he’s introduced to Ana (Charlotte Le Bon) and American reporter Chris Myers (Christian Bale), a tense love triangle begins to emerge. But it’s violently interrupted when the Ottoman Empire decides that it’s time to make all Armenians disappear.As the government begins its sinister campaign, Michael must try to avoid the prison camps, save his family and stay alive. As he struggles to survive the political unrest, the sophisticated lifestyle he had so carefully built falls to ruin at his feet.Now, it’s a matter of bare-bone survival. And the only people who can help him are Ana and Chris.Based on true events surrounding the Armenian Genocide, Terry George (Hotel Rwanda) directs this historical drama, which highlights the struggle and tragedy of an often-overlooked chapter of human history.Adults: £6 / Children: £5 / Friends of Whitby Pavilion: £5 / Family of 4: £20Running Time: 117 minsRating: 12aTuesday 6 June: 2.30pmWednesday 7 June: 7.30pmThursday 8 June: 7.30pm