Thursday, 05 October, 2017
Whitby Pavilion Complex (Spa)
West Cliff
Whitby YO21 3EN
Box Office
Phone: 01947 458 899
Planet Rabbit Productions return to Whitby Pavilion with their latest production 'Let Sleeping Bags Lie' by Claire Spratt.Widower Ron has a new lady friend, Mandy.After 47 years married to his beloved June Ron's attempts to get back in the dating game and woo Mandy are nothing short of clumsy.But what better way to win her heart than to take her camping with his son, Simon and Simon's girlfriend, Jill.Not one for change, Simon isn't accepting of Ron's new love interest. To him she's loud, offensive and knows too many mucky jokes. And she isn't June. Can a long weekend in two 2-man tents win Simon round and win Mandy's heart? And who will sleep in which tent? A tale of a 72 year old man's search for companionship and cuddles, without upsetting his son.The usual laughs, pathos and tenderness from the writer of A Little In Tents.Tickets: £10 Concession: £8.50