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Peter Parker juggles the highs and lows of adolescence with his newfound powers, and learns life is tough when you’re a teenage superhero with the weight of the world on your shoulders.After his first brush of danger doing battle alongside Iron Man, Peter Parker returns home to Aunt May, where his normal life presents a very different set of problems.School is a drag, money is tight and he is forbidden to use his superpowers to win the heart of the cute girl he can’t stop staring at.But, Peter doesn’t have too much time to ponder the trappings of adolescence. As he dons his spandex costume and transforms into his alter-ego of Spider-Man, he finds himself in demand in the crime-riddled city he calls home.When a new threat lands in NYC in the shape of a winged antagonist named Vulture, Peter must set aside his own personal angst and fight for the lives of those he loves, while keeping his new identify a secret.Spider-Man: Homecoming marks a welcome return to one of Marvels best-loved superheroes. Starring Tom Holland (Avengers: Infinity War) as the mighty webslinger, aka Peter Parker, the movie also features Robert Downey Jr. (Captain America: Civil War) as Iron Man, who acts as mentor to the fledgling hero.The strong support continues with Michael Keaton (Birdman) as Vulture, and Marisa Tomei (The Big Short) as Aunt May.Adults: £6 / Children: £5 / Friends of Whitby Pavilion: £5 / Family of 4: £20Running Time: 126 minsRating: TBCSaturday 5 August: 7.30pmSunday 6 August: 7.30pmMonday 7 August: 2.30pmTuesday 8 August: 3.00pmWednesday 9 August: 7.30pmThursday 10 August: 2.30pm