Thursday, 26 October, 2017
to 21:25
The Coliseum
Victoria Place,
Whitby YO21 1EZ
North Yorkshire
Nigel Staton
Phone: 01947 880093
Whitby Film Society presents "Irreplaceable" on Thursday 26th October at Whitby Coliseum.An engaging French movie about a well-respected country doctor with cancer who is advised to take on a student assistant to lighten his workload during chemo. Naturally, this assistant is an attractive woman with whom he, initially, has a prickly relationship.Nathalie, a former nurse, who is taking a mid-life retraining course as a medical student, is a city type who, of course, doesn't at first aprreciate the patience and subtlety needed to understand a country medical practice. And she certainly doesn't understand Dr Werner's reluctance to hospitalise an elderly patient. He is suspicious of institutions, but could it be that this reluctance is a symptom of denial concerning his own condition?This is a warm and good-natured piece of film-making, featuring attractive, humane leads.This is a French film, with subtitles.