Thursday, 25 January, 2018
to 21:50
Whitby Colisium Theatre
Victoria Place
Whitby YO21 1EZ
Nigel Staton
Phone: 01947 880093
Whitby Film SocietypresentsThe Salesman - Iran 2016After their flat becomes damaged, Emad and Rana  a young couple living in Tehran, must move into another apartment. They are at the same time acting in Arthur Miller’s “The Salesman,” playing the unhappy salesman Willy Loman and his wife, Linda. The new flat was once rented by a woman working as a prostitute, and one day when she is alone there, Rana casually buzzes in a  caller she assumes is her husband and is subjected to a sexual assault that she cannot clearly remember. Consumed with irrational shame and perhaps afraid that he and his wife will be thought to be somehow involved, Emad refuses to call the police and  tries to catch the culprit himself. It is a profoundly disturbing crisis that cracks the carapace of bourgeois calm and reveals seething, brutal emotions underneath.